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Our Optical Department offers a wide selection of fashionable and sporty frames, including sunglasses. We have a vast selection of over 1,000 frames from which to choose, including many name brands. We specialize in ultra-thin lenses, progressive (no line) bifocals and prescription sunglasses. Our optical staff has the most technologically advanced equipment available to create lenses that make your vision as crisp and clear as we can.  We are able to maintain and repair your glasses should they become broken or damaged. Our highly qualified opticians and staff are able to adjust and fit your glasses to you for extended comfort and vision. We have a wide range of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, lens designs, and tints to suit your individual needs. Come give our opticians and optical department a visit and allow us to help fit you with a pair of sunglasses and glasses to better conserve your eye health.





Ziess Progressive Info



Mobile devices have radically changed our lives, and they make our eyes work harder than ever before.
Traditional eyeglass lenses were not designed for this major shift in our visual needs. The frequent result is Digital Eye Strain, with symptoms including headaches, blurred vision and tired eyes.
ZEISS developed our unique Digital Inside technology to provide you:

  • Natural head and body posture when reading
  • Easy , clear focusing on your hand-help device
  • Relief from Digital Eye Strain

We optimize the viewing zones of your lenses based on factors unique to you, including:

  • Your full prescription
  • The size and shape of your frame
  • The size and shape of your face
  • The way the frame fits you

The result is a lens precisely designed and adapted to your unique face, providing maximum 3D vision and up to 50% wider fields of view.





Do you use a computer or digital device more than two hours per day? 


Do you suffer from dry or tired eyes, head, neck or back pain during these activities? 


If so, you may be suffering from Digital Eye Strain. Now there is an eyeglass lens that can help your eyes stay comfortable at a computer and in other up-close activities: ZEISS Officelens.




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Progressive Individual 2


The way you use your eyes is unique to you. You may spend more time than most focusing on one main distance (reading, computer work) or your life may emphasize constant refocusing for dynamic activities (driving, sports, gardening). New technology in ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 lenses allows your eye care professional to enhance either the near or intermediate and dynamic viewing zones of your lenses to suit your visual lifestyle. You’ll benefit from outstanding vision for all distances, with extra vision support where you need it most.


Custom designed for your exact prescription

  • Up to 50% larger fields of clear vision than ordinary lenses
  • Designed to fit the frame you choose, large or small
  • Designed for the way your lenses are worn, for sharper vision